How Do I Change The Order Of A Slide On Power Point? (Best solution)

Go to the View Ribbon and click on the Slide Sorter icon (or click on the icon in the Status Bar). This view allows you to view multiple slides at once; click, hold, and drag the slide over to where you want the slide positioned, and then let go of the mouse button.

How to change order of slides in PowerPoint?

  • Reorder a PowerPoint Presentation. In order to change the order of slides in a presentation, you must view your presentation on Normal mode. To do this, go to View Presentation Views Normal Mode. The left pane will contain your presentation outline and slides tabs. Click on the Slides tab. All the available slide will be shown.

How do I rearrange slides in Powerpoint?

Rearrange the order of slides In the pane on the left, click the thumbnail of the slide that you want to move, and then drag it to the new location. Tip: To select multiple slides, press and hold the Command key while you click each slide that you want to move, and then drag them as a group to the new location.

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How do you change the order of slides?

Locate the slide that you wish to move in the column of slides at the left side of the window. Click on that slide and hold down the mouse button, then drag it it to the preferred location in the slideshow. You can release the mouse button once the slide is in the correct location.

How do I change slide sorter in PowerPoint 2016?

You can switch to Slide Sorter View in two easy ways:

  1. Click the Slide Sorter button at the right side of the status bar (as shown in the following figure).
  2. Select the View tab on the Ribbon and then click the Slide Sorter button in the Presentation Views group. Slide Sorter View lets you see the big picture.

How do you arrange slides from the Slide Sorter view?

Rearranging Slides: Dragging and Dropping

  1. From the View tab, in the Presentation Views group, click SLIDE SORTER. OR.
  2. Select the slide(s) you want to move. HINTS:
  3. Click and hold the selected slide(s)
  4. Drag the slide(s) into the appropriate position.
  5. Release the mouse button.

Where is the Slide Sorter button on PowerPoint?

You can get to Slide Sorter view from the task bar at the bottom of the slide window, or from the View tab on the ribbon.

How do I view slide sorter in PowerPoint 2010?

To access the Slide Sorter view, you can choose either of these options:

  1. Click the Slide Sorter button on the Status Bar (highlighted in red in Figure 1, above).
  2. Access the View tab on the Ribbon, locate the Presentation Views group and click the Slide Sorter button (highlighted in red in Figure 2).
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What is Slide Sorter view in PowerPoint 2016?

Learn about the Slide Sorter view in PowerPoint 2016 for Windows. This is the view that lets you see all your slides in a sequence, and also allows you to easily select multiple slides, or locate hidden slides.

How is Slide Show view of a presentation different from Slide Sorter view explain in detail?

When finished creating and editing a presentation, Slide Sorter View gives an overall picture of it, making it easy to reorder, add, or delete slides and preview transitions and animation effects. Slide Show View takes up the full computer screen, like an actual slide show presentation.

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