How Google Does Power Point Presentations? (Perfect answer)

How can I get a PowerPoint presentation template?

  • Visit the official Microsoft Office website. Click the “Templates” tab, then locate PowerPoint templates. Browse the titles by category or operating system. Templates directly from Microsoft Office are the most stable and are likely to be fully-compatible with the version of software you are using.

How does Google PowerPoint work?

How to use Google Slides

  1. Step 1: Download the Google Slides app. Open the Play Store.
  2. Step 2: Create, view, or edit a presentation. Insert and arrange text, shapes & lines.
  3. Step 3: Share & work with others. You can share files and folders with people and choose whether they can view, edit, or comment on them.

What is Google’s version of PowerPoint?

Google Slides is just as easy to use as PowerPoint and Keynote, plus, it also gives you the ability to collaborate from wherever you and your team members are in the world. You’ll also score the following features with Slides: 26 themes to choose from this time. The ability to embed videos and use animations.

What does Google use for presentations?

Google Slides is an online presentation app that lets you create and format presentations and work with other people.

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Does Google have a PowerPoint program?

Google Slides is a part of Google Docs and is completely free to use. PowerPoint is a part of Microsoft Office package.

How do you share Google Slides?

Share with specific people

  1. Select the file you want to share.
  2. Click Share or Share.
  3. Under “Share with people and groups,” enter the email address you want to share with.
  4. To change what people can do to your doc, on the right, click the Down arrow.
  5. Choose to notify people.
  6. Click Share or Send.

Do PowerPoint animations work in Google Slides?

Animations & Transitions. Google Slides is limited to 15 animation options and 7 slide transitions, where PowerPoint offers 100+ animations and 50+ slide transitions, allowing for a more interesting presentation that can punctuate your message in just the right way.

How is Google Slides different from PowerPoint?

There are many pros and cons to weigh with either type of presentation design program. Microsoft Powerpoint has a slight advantage in its ability to create animations, but Google Slides can easily embed animations and has superior template options.

Does Google Slides have Presenter view?

View a presentation with speaker notes Open a presentation in Google Slides. In the top right corner, next to Slideshow, click the Down arrow. Click Presenter view. Click Speaker notes.

What are the disadvantages of Google Slides?

What are the Disadvantages of Using Google Slides?

  • You need a Google Account to use Google Slides.
  • Availability of Limited Themes.
  • Learning Curve.
  • Limited options for Animations and Transitions.
  • Formatting Loss when Importing to Google Slides.
  • Limited File Types for Exporting.
  • Lack of Advanced Features.
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Why we use Google Slides?

With Google Slides, you can build presentations right in your web browser —no special software is required. Even better, multiple people can work on slides at the same time, you can see people’s changes as they make them, and every change is automatically saved.

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