How To Get A Power Point Link? (Correct answer)


  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Highlight the text or object you would like to hyperlink.
  3. Right-click the highlighted text and select “Hyperlink”
  4. From the “Link to:” side panel, choose the destination for your hyperlink.
  5. Click [OK].

How do you share a PowerPoint link?

  • At the bottom of the “Share” pane, select “Get a sharing link.”. Next, choose which type of link you’d like to provide. You can choose between a read/write link or read-only link. A link will then be generated. Select “Copy” to copy the link to your clipboard.

How do you get a URL for PowerPoint?

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  1. Right click on the Presentation and click on Share.
  2. Click on Get Link.
  3. In the Choose an option drop down select View Only and then click on Create Link.

Can you send a PowerPoint as a link?

In PowerPoint, you can use email to send your presentation to others. You can send your presentation as an attachment, a link, a PDF file, an XPS file, or as an Internet Fax.

How do you hyperlink a PowerPoint on a laptop?

In the upper right corner, click the Share icon and then click Copy Link. If the file is on your device, you’ll be asked to upload the file to the cloud first. Paste the link wherever you need.

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How do you publish a PowerPoint to a website?

The basics of publishing to the Web With the presentation open in PowerPoint, choose Save As Web Page from the File menu. Using the Save In control in the resulting Save As dialog box, browse to the folder where you want to save your presentation.

How do I download a PowerPoint presentation?

Save a copy of a presentation to your computer On the File tab of the Ribbon, select Download As, and then, on the panel of options that appears on the right, select Download a Copy. A dialog box confirms that the copy is ready to be downloaded to your computer. Select Download to continue.

How do you share a PowerPoint with someone who doesn’t have a PowerPoint?

The Best Free Ways to Share PowerPoints Online

  1. Use screen recording software to add voiceovers and create a shareable link.
  2. Just email it!
  3. File sharing services.
  4. Slide hosting services.
  5. Embed code.
  6. Make it a video and share on YouTube.
  7. Show it in your LMS.
  8. Save as PDF.

How do I do a PowerPoint presentation on my computer?

Create a presentation

  1. Open PowerPoint.
  2. In the left pane, select New.
  3. Select an option: To create a presentation from scratch, select Blank Presentation. To use a prepared design, select one of the templates. To see tips for using PowerPoint, select Take a Tour, and then select Create,.

How do I turn a PowerPoint into a video link?

In Normal view, click the slide where you want the link to the video to be in. On the Insert tab, click the arrow under Video, and then click Video on my PC. In the Insert Video box, click the file that you want to link to, click the down arrow next to the Insert button, and then click Link to File.

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