How To Send A Large Power Point File Via Email? (Correct answer)

How do you send a PowerPoint through email to other?

  • How to Quickly Email a PowerPoint Presentation Click Email in Your PowerPoint Share Menu While you’re working in a PowerPoint presentation, go to the File menu and click on Share. PowerPoint Will Open Your Email Client Automatically PowerPoint will actually open up your default email client and attach the presentation to that email. Or, Email Your PowerPoint Presentation as a PDF

How do you email a PowerPoint that is too large?

Share via a Link. If converting a PPT file to another format is not what you want, but the presentation is too big to email as an attachment, you can always compress it into a. zip file before sending it.

How do I reduce a PPT file size?

Delete image editing data and lower default resolution Go to File > Options > Advanced. Under Image Size and Quality, do the following: Select Discard editing data. This option removes stored data that’s used to restore the image to its original state after it’s been edited.

How do I send a large PowerPoint file through Outlook?

To send attachments via Large File Send from the Microsoft Outlook client:

  1. Create a Message.
  2. Click on the Mimecast tab.
  3. Click on the Attach Large Files icon.
  4. Select the Files you want to attach. Note:
  5. Click the Send button.
  6. Amend the Large File Send options as required: Note:
  7. Click on the Send button.
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How do I reduce the MB size of a PowerPoint presentation online?

More videos on YouTube

  1. Open your presentation. Go to File in the PowerPoint menu.
  2. Click Save as and then Browse.
  3. In the window that opens, click on Tools (right beside Save)
  4. Select Compress Pictures and choose the resolution you need.
  5. Click OK and then Save.

How do I zip a PowerPoint file?

Browse to the presentation you want to compress. Right-click the presentation, and select Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder. Windows creates a new zip file and gives it an identical name as the PowerPoint file.

Why is PPT file so large?

Some of the most common reasons for PowerPoint file size to increase are using multiple images, using large images, or embedding elements such as fonts, video or audio directly in the presentation file. An easy way to reduce the file size is to use special compression programs designed for PowerPoint files.

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