How To Shrink A Video File For Power Point? (Perfect answer)

How do you compress a video file in PowerPoint?

  • Open the presentation that contains the audio or video files. On the File tab, select Info, and then in the Media Size and Performance section, select Compress Media *. * Embedded subtitles and alternate audio tracks are lost in this compression process. Presentation Quality Save space while maintaining overall audio and video quality.

How do I reduce the size of a video in PowerPoint?

Open the presentation that contains the audio or video files. On the File tab, select Info, and then in the Media Size and Performance section, select Compress Media*.

How can I decrease the size of a video?

6 Easy Ways to Compress Video Files for E-mail

  1. Create a zip file. The most common way to compress a video is to convert it into a zip file.
  2. Make a video shorter and smaller with iMovie on Mac.
  3. Download a video in a lower quality.
  4. Use a cloud service.
  5. Share a video link without uploading.
  6. Make a GIF.

How do I reduce file size in PowerPoint?

10 Ways to Compress PowerPoint Presentations to Reduce File Size

  1. Compress pictures.
  2. Insert pictures instead of copying and pasting.
  3. Use smaller image files.
  4. Convert images to a different file type.
  5. Save a copy of images with artistic effects.
  6. Compress audio and video.
  7. Link to audio or video files.
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What is the maximum video size for PowerPoint?

You’ll need Flash for videos that are linked from a website. Keep an eye on the file size, because PowerPoint for the web won’t insert large media files. For embedded media, the size limit can be from 50-100MB, and for WAV files the limit is 100KB.

How do I compress a MP4 video file?

To compress MP4 on Windows, use Movavi Video Converter:

  1. Upload the file to the program.
  2. Select MP4 as the target format.
  3. Click the estimated file size. Set the compression rate to match the desired value.
  4. Click Convert to shrink the MP4 video.

How do I reduce the file size of an MP4?

3 Method 3 of 4: Using Video Compress on Android

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your Android.
  2. Tap the search bar.
  3. Type “video compress” in the search bar.
  4. Tap Video Compress.
  5. Tap Install.

How can I resize a large video file?

8 Easy Ways to Reduce Video File Size FREE [Windows, Mac, Online]

  1. Automatic way on Windows [RECOMMENDED]
  2. Select a smaller resolution of your video file.
  3. Use more efficient video codec [NO QUALITY LOSS]
  4. Lower frame rate or bitrate.
  5. Cut unnecessary parts.
  6. Shrink media in Handbrake & iMovie [Mac]
  7. Make video smaller [Online]

How do I make a video file smaller online?

How to Compress a Video

  1. Upload a File. Choose your video file. You can drag & drop, or select it from your computer or other device.
  2. Compress. Select your compression options, or let VEED choose for you.
  3. Save. Download your new compressed video file and share it with friends & followers.
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How do I reduce the size of a PowerPoint file in 2020?

Compress all images while saving the PPT file

  1. Open your presentation. Go to File in the PowerPoint menu.
  2. Click Save as and then Browse.
  3. In the window that opens, click on Tools (right beside Save)
  4. Select Compress Pictures and choose the resolution you need.
  5. Click OK and then Save.

Why is my PowerPoint file so big?

Some of the most common reasons for PowerPoint file size to increase are using multiple images, using large images, or embedding elements such as fonts, video or audio directly in the presentation file. An easy way to reduce the file size is to use special compression programs designed for PowerPoint files.

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