What Is Power Of A Point? (TOP 5 Tips)

Power of a point


  • Power of a point. For external points, the power equals the square of the length of a tangent from the point to the circle. The power of a point is also known as the point‘s circle power or the power of a circle with respect to the point.

What is meant by power of a point?

In elementary plane geometry, the power of a point is a real number that reflects the relative distance of a given point from a given circle.

How do you find the power of a point?

Indeed, if we take U and V as two intersection points of the line PO with the circle (O) then the power of the point P can be calculated as follows: When P is outside the circle PU times PV = (PO – r)(PO + r) = PO^2 – r^2. When P is inside the circle PU times PV = (r – PO)(r + PO) = r^2 – PO^2.

What is a point of a circle?

The distance from a circle’s center to a point on the circle is called the radius of the circle. A radius is a line segment with one endpoint at the center of the circle and the other endpoint on the circle. For the circle below, AD, DB, and DC are radii of a circle with center D.

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What is a power theorem?

If two chords of a circle intersect inside the circle, then the product of the measures of the segments of one chord is equal to the product of the measures of the other chord.

How do you use power of a point?

Given a point P and a circle, pass two lines through P that intersect the circle in points A and D and, respectively, B and C. Then APcdot DP = BPcdot CP. The point P may lie either inside or outside the circle.

What is mid point theorem Class 9?

The midpoint theorem states that “ The line segment in a triangle joining the midpoint of two sides of the triangle is said to be parallel to its third side and is also half of the length of the third side.”

What is the radical axis of two circles?

The radical axis of two circles is the locus of a point which moves such that the lengths of the tangents drawn from it to the two circles are equal.

What is the value of angle in semicircle?

The angle at the circumference in a semicircle is 90°. Angles in a triangle add up to 180°.

Does a point have radius?

Theoretically a point is a circle with no radius.

How many points are in a circle?

So just as you need three points to define a triangle, you also need three points to define a circle, two points won’t do it.

Is a point also a circle?

A real circle is exactly what you normally think of as a circle; it has a radius that is a real number (not imaginary). A point “circle” is just a point; it’s a circle with a radius of zero (hence a degenerate circle).

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What is a two chord power theorem?

Chord-Chord Power Theorem: If two chords of a circle intersect, then the product of the measures of the parts of one chord is equal to the product of the measures of the parts of the other chord.

What are the 3 power theorems?

There are three power theorems you can use to solve all sorts of geometry problems involving circles: the chord-chord power theorem, the tangent-secant power theorem, and the secant-secant power theorem. This unifying scheme can help you remember all three of the power theorems.

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